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The Rise and Fall of a PoMo Space Messiah

Credibile quia ineptum



God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.
- Voltaire


Skipped Back 10

28th November 2008

So I'm back in England, raddled old bitch that she is. So far it hasn't proved too catastrophic. The family seem to be much as I left them. Everything seems much smaller but the cyclopean construction of New York will warp a man's perspective thus.

Hitherto the worst of it has been my being lost in thought and missing North Dulwich station on my way back home from town. Well I didn't miss it but the malign divinities of public transport worked mischief on me. The door refused to open and by the time I had bolted up to the next one the train was already preparing to be in motion again. This all occasioned a jolly stroll back from Tulse Hill in that British rain that is so characteristic of November. With little more than a vague intuition to guide me - my phone won't work here unless I can piggy-back on WiFi and I had none of this funny British money on my person - I made my way admirably, making it at least as far as the Crown and Greyhound where I was able to persuade my brother to join me for a pint or three of Pride. I narrated to him the worrying habit of the Colonials of serving this brew, where it is to be had at all, in chilled glasses.

I have finally got my computer playing nicely with the WiFi here. Next time I will bring the Mac but it weighs a metric shsored. The little Dell I am now typing is unfortunately running Ubuntu which involves a lot of palaver with iwconfig and the sacrifice of a black rooster to Legba. And even fucking then it still keeps overwriting the connection settings to a DNS server that actually works with the IP address of one that doesn't. I suppose it's a bit like the previous generation going home to some herring town in the Orkneys where they had to haggle with an operator for half an hour in order to place a telephone call back to the real world.

Right, the witching hour is upon us and I must retire. One does not wish to caught up and abroad past midnight back here in the Old Country.

11th November 2008

Ugh! 17,000 words into NaNoWriMo, which means I'm a little behind schedule. But I can make it up at the end of the month when I'm spending hours waiting for a no doubt delayed flight to the UK at Newark Liberty airport.

Sorry for the profound silence, by the way, but there really hasn't been much to tell. There's probably more than I think, but I'm such a shoddy note-taker I can't remember what it all is.

Mainly, apart from the writing (which has only been going on for a week or so) I've been wasting far too much time playing Moonsweeper, which is in a lot of ways rather reminiscent of the good old days in Tile Hill, playing Bang Guns!™, with Mr P. issuing imperatives to "Suck my juicy wanger!" Only without the wanger, whatever one of those is.

27th October 2008

Come closer now


For those feeling a little cash-strapped in these straitened times, what about a holiday in a Swansea bedsit?

10th October 2008

Snipped for colourful language!Collapse )

Ah! Here is something of actual import. I am back in the Old Country at the end of next month, through to mid-December. My pesos norteamericanos are actually worth something these days so if anyone fancied a beer arrangements could be made.

Right. I'm off to adjust my investment portfolio. I wouldn't want the seashells getting scratched by the bottlecaps.

9th October 2008

Oh God! This can't be a good thing. If there's anything more likely to convince you that a species needs to be extirpated from the galaxy than Bebo I'm just glad they haven't beamed it this way yet.

19th September 2008

The next illiterate oikonomist who uses the phrase "systemic risk" or "systemic failure" is going to be force-fed the entirety of the OED.

Alright... "systemic" has been in use since the early Nineteenth Century so it is probably in the OED. But it's still wrong.

They are probably making a serious and worthwhile point... but it is completely undermined by the acronym for their organisation.

ETA: The opening clause also has a beguiling unintentionality about it:

Models with "anatomically impossible" breasts are being used to seduce female clients...

15th September 2008

Can you guess how I've been spending my morning?

If you guessed helping to work out my employer's counterparty exposure to Lehman and AIG you'd probably not be far off. They're all rather excitable here. I'm not taking a day off again; they clearly can't do without me.

9th September 2008

Crank up the Rapture index a couple of notches!

25th August 2008

Fatidici vatis rabiem


An inquiry, O gentile lettore: What is the apposite collective noun for wizards? I have been informed that it is a 'sleeve' but I have found no evidence for this usage outside certain World of Warcrack fora... which it is not my ordinary habit to frequent but whither I was drawn in the spirit of inquiry.

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