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The Rise and Fall of a PoMo Space Messiah

That political spectrum thing...



God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.
- Voltaire

That political spectrum thing...

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No great surprises here. My political leanings are somewhat less volatile than my religious leanings.

My Political Views
I am a center-left social libertarian
Left: 2.35, Libertarian: 6.33

Political Spectrum Quiz

ETA: For those wondering about my religious leanings, this week Belief-O-Matic is calling Reform Judaism.

  • This week I be mostly Left: 8, Libertarian 2 and 100% Secular Humanist.
    • Heh. Entirely unsurprisingly, I come up as 100% secular humanist too!
      • What were your others? After it determined that I was a 100% Secular Humanist, I came in as a potential UU/Liberal Quaker and was the farthest away from a Roman Catholic at 20%.
  • I got a different result to the political compass test. I was Left 1, Libertarian 3 and an Orthodox Quaker.
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